Our Vision

To excel in domestic and international markets with commitment to quality, safety, environment, cost economics and delivery by constantly improving ourselves, our teams, our products and services to become a most preferred, prominent and globally respected corporation.

Our Mission

To direct all our organizational efforts at building upon our existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of growth in the core business and to diversify into new areas that compliment and supplement the core business with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas.

Our Core Value

  • Quality is extremely important.
  • Understand and stick to one thing that we do best.
  • Best cakes are not made from pre-mix.
  • Carry value honesty most in any interaction.
  • Never lose trust of others.
  • Customer may not always be right, but they have rights.
  • Hunt for new ideas. Observe always.
  • Growth is a function of knowledge sharing.
  • Don’t aim at getting someone’s business, aim at building a brand.