Jointer’s Training

The Company runs technical sessions in Cable Jointing Practices for Cable Jointers which includes Lectures & Practical Training. The cable jointers are trained in a professional & systematic manner to improve their skills so as enable them to make quality joint and maintain the reliability of the power cable network. An authorization Certificate is issued to the cable Jointers who passes in practical tests for Installations of joints and terminations.

The Design Standards

Our Design Specifications & Quality Standards meet & even exceed the most stringent National/International standards Worldwide. The Quality Management System of various Stages of Design, Development & Manufacturing has been assessed and certified to ISO 9001 standards along with EMS: 14001.

  • IS: 13573 (With Latest upto date amendments)
  • ESI-09-13
  • CENELEC HD 629 ISI (VDE-0278 Part 1-5)
  • IEC – 60501
  • IEEE-48, 404
  • IEC 404, 502, 55-1, 507, 60, 71, 840
  • BS: 6480
  • SEN 24 1434
  • Edf HN 33-E-01
  • C-81

Other Products

  • Heatshrinkable and Cold Shrinkable type joints for flexible trailing cables, submersible cables, control cables, multicore cables & airfield cables.
  • Resin Cast Type Terminations and Joints for LV applications.
  • Polymeric Insulators upto 66 KV.
  • Lightning/Surge Arresters upto 36KV (Distribution and Station Class)
  • Premoulded Screened Separable Connectors upto 36KV.
  • Cable Terminal and Transformer Bushing Boots.
  • Heatshrinkable End Caps and Moulded Components.
  • Heatshrinkable Right Angle and Straight Boots.
  • Aluminum and Copper Terminal Lugs and Ferrules.
  • AB Cable accessories like I-hook, J-Hook and Insulating Piercing Connectors.